Probing nuclear receptor biology in the immune system

Drug discovery efforts targeting nuclear receptors to treat disease

Aberrant activation of the immune system and how we can treat it

Using nuclear receptors to boost anti-tumor immunity

Welcome to the Solt Lab

The underlying theme of the research performed in the Solt laboratory is to understand the biologically relevant roles of nuclear receptors, a superfamily of ligand regulated transcription factors, in the immune system.  Our lab uses a combination of molecular biology, genetic, and chemical biology approaches coupled with mouse models of autoimmunity and chronic inflammation to study how different nuclear receptors’ expression, function, and activity affects disease.

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March 2022
Congratulations to Adrianna Wilson on being selected to receive a 2022 AAI Trainee Poster Award to attend the annual AAI meeting in Portland, Oregon in May of this year!

January 2022
Congratulations to Adrianna Wilson on receiving the 2022 Scheller Graduate Student Fellowship from the Joseph B. Scheller and Rita P. Scheller Charitable Foundation!

January 2021
Congratulations to Sarah Mosure on receiving a prestigious NIH NRSA (F31) award! Sarah’s research incorporates interdisciplinary approaches from structural biology and immunology to build the framework for future medicines to treat autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases. 

March 2020
Congratulations to Sarah on winning the inaugural Wendy Havran award! Based on faculty input, this award is given to the student who gave the best presentation in the Immunology and Microbiology seminar series. 

February 2020
Congratulations to Sarah on being selected to receive a 2020 AAI Trainee Poster Award to attend the AAI Annual Meeting in May in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

August 2019
After an amazingly productive summer, we are sad to see our two summer undergraduate interns, Ashley Nichols and Rebecca Cameron, leave and head back to school. 

June 2019
A big welcome to our summer undergraduate interns, Ashley Nichols, a SURF intern from Chapman University, and Rebecca Cameron, from the University of Florida!

June 2019
Nature Index ranks Scripps Research the #1 non-profit scientific institute in the U.S.

May 2019
Team effort: collaboration between Solt lab, High throughput screening, Kojetin lab, and Kamenecka lab pays off!  We have been awarded a NIH R01 to screen for novel REV-ERB small molecules for cancer immunotherapy from the NCI.

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